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When will my brush be delivered?

As soon as you subscribe you will receive your first brush will be posted on the next Monday morning by second class post. Thereafter we post once per week and your next brush will be sent within the week of your 6 week point.


Every 6 weeks? Why not every month?

We have decided that once a month isn’t really necessary as your brush should last you at least 6 weeks, we don’t want to un-necessarily produce more and throw away more. You will receive 8 brushes per year and the environmental impact of those vs 4-5 plastic brushes (which is the average usage per year for someone using a plastic brush) is far less.


What about the bristles, are they biodegradable like the handle?

No unfortunately not – we had to think about your teeth in this instance and nylon bristles are the most effective form of cleaning. It is however Nylon 6 which degrades faster than lower grade nylons. This makes your brush 99% biodegradable!


Can I chose my bristle strength?

At the moment yes – we offer soft (dentist recommended) or medium (most people prefer). This may change in the future, but we will let you know well in advance if it does.


Can I pick my colour?

Not at the moment, you will be sent one of our 4 fantastic colours – if you subscribe to more than 1 we will make sure you get different colours.


Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes so you can pop it in your recycling bin!


Can I put the entire brush in the recycling?

No – You can put your bamboo brush (plucking out the nylon bristles) on your compost heap (which is recycling) OR you put it in the normal waste knowing that it will degrade quickly unlike plastic brushes that sit in the ground forever in most cases.


What if I need to update my payment details?

Please email and we will call to take your new details.


How do we know that the charity is receiving the brushes?

We will send updates to you as a subscriber.


Can I contact you with any other questions?

Yes, please do! Email us at


What if I need to change my address part way through?

No problem, please just email us at!

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