1. Monthly or Bi-monthly – how to decide

Based on oral hygiene and doing the best for your teeth we recommend monthly as it means you are using a fresh new brush more often and therefore not reintroducing old bacteria from your brush into your mouth. Also, we find people often brush their teeth too hard (something people should try to avoid!) and so the brush itself frays quicker, making monthly a great choice. However, this option isn’t going to be for everyone, and so for people who can make their brush last longer we offer the bi-monthly option.

2. When will my brush be delivered?

We post all of our brushes on the first of every month (unless it’s a weekend!) Doing this decreases our carbon footprint by us only doing one trip per month to the post office. This means your first brush will be posted on the next posting date (the next first of the month!)

3. What about the bristles, are they biodegradable like the handle?

No, unfortunately not – we had to think about your teeth in this instance and nylon bristles are the most effective form of cleaning. It is, however, Nylon 6 which degrades faster than lower grade nylons. This makes your brush 99% biodegradable!

4. How firm is the bristle?

We offer a medium firmness of bristle – not too hard and not too soft, over the past 2 years we have learnt this is the most popular and the most long lasting.

5. Can I pick my colour?

No, you will be sent one of our fantastic colours at random.

6. Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes so you can pop it in your recycling bin!

More questions?