The UK’s first environmentally friendly toothbrush subscription service, helping to look after the planet while looking after your Pearly Whites…


How does The Pearly White Club work? Play our video below! 

Choose the package with the number of toothbrushes that suits you and your family best.

Your first brush/brushes will be shipped out to you upon purchase and every 6 weeks thereafter.

You can give yourself a pat on the back for reducing your plastic waste, and with a new brush every 6 weeks, you won’t go back!

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You will be able to select how many toothbrushes you wish to receive every 6 weeks as well as how dense you would like your brush bristles to be and how many, if any child brushes you would like. The total monthly charge will calculate below. If you would like to pay annually to receive a discount please select the ‘upfront’ option in the ‘choose your subscription’ drop down.

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Our toothbrushes are made from MOSO bamboo which is completely panda friendly! MOSO is a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan and naturalised elsewhere. It’s strong, sustainable and perfect for making eco-friendly toothbrushes!

Ethically and responsibly sourced from a regulated bamboo innovation park in China.

Bamboo takes up to only a few years to decompose where as a plastic handled brush can take up to 1000 years!

The bamboo handle can even be put on your compost heap, just cut out the bristles first!


The Pearly White Club are proud to support local homelessness prevention charity – New Hope.

New Hope exists to serve individuals who are homeless or vulnerably- housed through the provision of accommodation and opportunities to transform lives.

Their Ethos is “New Hope exists to show our deep concern for those who are homeless and disadvantaged in the Watford area. In an atmosphere of unconditional love and compassion we seek to offer acceptance and respect to all. This includes practical support such as food, shelter, clothing, health care and training as well as building relationships, listening and caring. We believe this should be done professionally and monitored regularly.”

For every toothbrush subscription, we will donate one of our environmentally friendly toothbrushes to their shelter.

For more information on the work that New Hope do please visit their website:


The Pearly White Club has been created to start a revolution! A revolution in the way you shop for your toothbrush.

We are offering a unique environmentally friendly toothbrush subscription service, a low cost and convenient alternative to the way you shop for your toothbrush!

From as little at £2.50 per month you will have a brand new brush delivered to you every 6 weeks. NO longer do you need to go months using that same frayed brush, which really is bad for your oral hygiene, and never again will it need to go on your shopping list.

A toothbrush with a twist. We wanted to do more than just provide a toothbrush delivery service, we want to help the environment. With over 10 million tonnes of plastic going into the sea every year and over 3 million going into landfill we want to start reducing that! On average a person using a plastic toothbrush goes through between 4-5 per year and most will end up in landfill, now imagine how many people are using manual toothbrushes… the amount of plastic we are putting into the environment is unbelievable.

Our toothbrushes are made from bamboo, a natural and biodegradable material, meaning each time you throw one away you know it will decompose over a short period of time, where a plastic brush might never decompose.

Finally, here at The Pearly White Club we believe in giving back and so we have teamed up with New Hope, a homeless charity, and for every subscription we will donate a toothbrush to the shelter.

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